Is Realme A Chinese Company? Realme is not an Indian mobile company?


many people have a myth and doubt that Is Realme A Chinese Company?Realme is one of the most emerging and largest selling phone brands in India its is most trusted and loved by millions of people

Is Realme A Chinese Company?

On November 22, 2018, Realme became the No. 1 emerging brand in the Indian market. and most trusted mobile manufacturer brand

it is only a 2-3-year-old company which is very popular in this short period of time

do you know Realme was first launched IN INDIA as a sub-brand it was launched by the former vice president of oppo

you will be shocked to hear that Realme emerges from the company oppo

oppo company has first launched the feature phone of realme later from one month of launch realm was declared as a new company which is separate from the oppo

but you will notice that realm is somehow s similar to oppo his color ios and many more which is inspired from

According to a report from the international analyst institution Counterpoint, Realme recorded shipping 4.7 million units worldwide in the second quarter of 2019,

which is an 848% year-on-year increase and has become one of the top 10 mobile phone manufacturers in the world – Wikipedia

Do you know that CEO of realme is an Indian whos name is Madhav Singh before lunch of realme Madhav Singh was the sales director of oppo later he became the CEO of realme India

Do many people have doubts that real me is an Indian company? and it is made in India?

Is Realme a Chinese company?

Yes, Realme is a Chinese company its main headquarter is situated in  Shenzhen in china it was launched on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li (Li Bingzhong), who was former vice president of Oppo. It’s a spinoff from Oppo now the owner of Realme is  BBK Electronics. – Wikipedia (source)

BBK company is a multi-level company that sales its product in many foreign countries sells smartphones under Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme 

who is the founder of realme?

onder of real me brand is Sky Li, is an former vice president of Oppo and also a owner of bbk company

Realme as an indian startup

but it is manufactured in India in Greater Noida

Do you know that Realme launches most of its products in India first before other markets in the world because India is the largest consumer of Realme products?

Within a year of establishment, Realme has already entered the markets of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Italy, Spain, France, England, Russia, and China.

is realme is an Indian company

Does realme is made in India ? where it is manufatured

 India alone is a major contributor to the company‚Äôs global sales and that Realme launches most of its devices and gadgets in India many people have created a myth that Realme is an Indian company

most of the Realme phone is manufactured in oppo manufacturing plant which is situated?

Is Realme a trusted brand?

As per a survey, real me is India’s 4th preferred smartphone brand. first They started by launching realme 1 in association with Oppo and now they are a separate brand. it is loved because of its trustworthy gadgets and it is specially designed for the youngsters and their motto is to provide the latest technology phone with extreme feature with low budget

Realme provides the best camera phone which is super in the low price range which is inspired by the oppo So to sum things up, realme is a good brand and a worthy competitor to Xiaomi.

Which is best Realme or oppo?

both are best in their own way in term of feature and specification lets compare some features

most of you before buying a phone you are confused about which is better in terms of built quality or body an oppo or a realme?

here oppo is the winner in term of built quality as compared to real me it is built with back panel is build of polycarbonate which is a plastic hard material and look very classy whereas Realme is somehow less durable then oppo

whereas Realme is much better in performance and advanced feature at a very low price both have a good camera and advanced processor realme is now becoming more popular to the young generation and its new model comes very soon compare to oppo

Realme provide some flagship feature in the mid-range phone like Super slow-mo video, Fortnite game support on Realme phone.

whereas Oppo phone comes with the complete feature but today time Oppo work on a flagship phone, not in a mid-range phone

Realme is comparatively newer than Oppo in the electronic market but it has grown a lot considering it is merely 2 years old. It has released its watches, TV, earphones, etc.

so if you are confused about Realme and oppo here is a solution

if you are more interested in the brand and having a handsome budget go for the oppo and if you want more feature with less budget you can go with Realme

Are realme smartphone is still manufactured in the factories of oppo?

Yes realme is still manufactured in the factories of oppo after becoming another brand and launched in India

Oppo is the contract manufacturer for OnePlus and Realme smartphones in India. All the item sold in these countries is made in oppo factories and supplied in various other countries

Where are Realme phones manufactured?

Adding to his statement, Sheth said all Realme smartphones are made in India and the manufacturing facility (Oppo’s facility at Greater Noida) has created more than 7,500 direct jobs, which will increase to 10,000 by the end of 2020 — India today

is realme a Chinese company

realme factory in India address

realme don’t have a separate company it is still manufactured in oppo factories

Why do Realme smartphone companies started manufacturing their own phones apart from oppo?

As we know that oppo comes with the flagship of high range priced smartphone and it is famous for its advanced feature and camera phone which is seen in the high range of phone and satisfying only the need of high budget customers

due to lots of competition in the Indian market, various other brands launch their new smartphone with the latest feature in a very low price range

there was a vast need for a trusted and low budget smartphone with the latest feature there is a need for a company that satisfies the customer need

seeing this the real company was launched separately from oppo which competes with a mid-range smartphone and also providing smart gadget which is very high in demand n this era now the Realme become the top 10 largest selling and loved brand in the whole world.

Is Realme UI close to stock Android?

Yes, Realme UI is close to stock android ColorOS is a mobile operating system created by OPPO Electronics (OPPO) based on Google’s operating system Android. Initially, Realme phones used ColorOS until it was replaced by Realme UI in 2020

There are some changes to interface design, icons, and typography, it is nowhere close to what stock Android offers. Realme is essentially borrowing some elements from stock Android like Digital Wellbeing, app drawer, etc

why there is a branding of MADE IN INDIA in realme smart phone

many people have a doubt in their mind that if a company is owned by a Chinese person and it is a foreign brand then why it is written MADE IN INDIA in all product and smartphone of Realme why it is not written as made in china?

As we discussed further that all the Realme smartphone is manufactured in India in Greater Noida and also it is dispatched all item in all over India

only the mobiles parts comes from the china and

this company have the right to sell the product all over the India it is permitted by the Indian govt because most of the works are done in Indian factories and it providing a huge amount of job that’s why it has a right to branding MADE IN INDIA in its all products it also pays all taxes to govt of Indian and obeying all the circumstances and rule of Indian govt

now your doubt has been cleared that is Realme A Chinese Company? not an Indian company but is an Indian startup.

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